Dating guy genital warts

It started with a weird feeling in my vulva (you'll notice that no good story ever begins with the phrase "weird feeling in my vulva").I was peeing in the bathroom at work, and as the pee dripped down, it felt like there was ... The topography of my genitals seemed to have changed overnight.I brought my mirror close, and saw, along the curves of my vulva, a few tiny, pale, almost translucent nubby growths, speckled all over like mushrooms in a forest after it rained.I counted maybe five of them as I squatted in all sorts of positions in the tiny office bathroom. I made an emergency appointment with my gynecologist, but I already knew what was going on: I had genital warts, a form of HPV. And I felt like my independent sex life, which was just only beginning, was over.But she kept stressing that it wasn't a big deal, that one percent of the population has genital warts. After my Summer of Warts, I never got another wart again.I thought at the time that it was easy for her to say. After being on constant vag watch until well into the following spring, I finally felt relaxed enough to try dating again.A few are dangerous and can lead to abnormal pap smears and cancers of the cervix, throat, and other areas, a few lead to genital warts, and others do nothing at all.I am ashamed to admit that in that moment, I wished I had contracted the HPV that causes cancer risks instead.

I was 23, and in the midst of what a polite person might have called "sowing my wild oats," but which I thought of as "touching as many penises as I could find." I'd finally extricated myself from the messed-up, controlling relationship that I'd spent all of college floundering around in, I'd moved to a new city, and I was finding that my favorite place to learn more about myself was on top of someone else's naked body.

My roommate eventually demanded to know why I was tying up the bathroom during prime relaxing-post-work-poop hours.

She was the only person I told about my warts, and while she tried to comfort me, I couldn't really take any solace from it.

I was, of course, desperate for my doctor to give me a timeline — when would this stop?

She told me that, in many healthy young people, HPV "clears" out of the body within one to two years, and they never have another outbreak.

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