Dating girl with std

Are the things I hear about Thailand having very high STD rates true? Most people with HIV here were infected a long timee ago.I do not at all mean to come across as judgmental, I just don't know anything about the place. Both the risk and impact of STDs has been massively distorted in "health" classes in the USA and many other countries.And yet the narrative in health class is "Herpes is an incurable virus and here look at this picture of a man with AIDS that has had a massive outbreak: get herpes and this too could happen to you!" This is ridiculously distorted and most people think getting herpes would be some life ending disease.Other than that - an STD test for both of you is probably a good idea; if you want to shrug off the johnnies.Most things are treatable even HIV (which is no longer a death sentence) but you'd still want to wear a condom if you found your partner was HIV .

The main real reason to use condoms is to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

If you are nervous she has an STD, should you really be dating her? I understand up in the northeast, Issan ladies, and Chang Mai/ Chang Rai, the rate is higher then normal.

If you don't think she's honest with you about how many partners she has, or if she used protection, or the type of person she is, is she the type of person for you? if she is from Bangkok, or from a high society, then no, she probably doesn't have STD.

Edit: it's unclear in my comment; what I meant is you made a great point and you must be thanked for that. The viral load is extremely high during the initial few months after the infection, before the body can respond by building antibodies to fight back.

After this has happened, the viral load (and the risk) shrinks to the figures you mention.

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