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My specialty is helping individuals, couples and families successfully navigate our current complex and unforgiving cultural landscape in order to find a healthy balance and happiness in life.""I have over 11 years’ experience working with adolescents, teens, men and women suffering from anxiety, depression, relationship issues, alcohol dependence, drug abuse and co-occurring disorders.

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When I'm not in the office, I am a professor at Penn State University, teaching within the Psychology and Human Development programs. I’m Danielle Massi, owner of The Wellness Collective- a holistic psychotherapy practice.My approach integrates holistic nutrition, neuro-nutrients to address the symptoms of anxiety, depression, insomnia, and other unwanted symptoms.Along with Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Relational Therapy, Psycho-dynamic, and Meditation, I created a 4-weeks Smoking Cessation Program, a Holistic Addiction Program, and a Holistic Weight Management Program.Do you find yourself avoiding situations that create discomfort? My specialty and mission is coaching 30somethings who are not who or where they want to be in their relationships, careers, and lives. In my coaching practice, I fuse principles and techniques from psychology, coaching, and cutting-edge science, but most importantly I work on a deeper and more direct level.It can be really frustrating knowing what you're "supposed to do" to get what you want and yet feel unable to do it. Struggling to find a partner or improve your relationship? I use intuitive, dynamic, and mindfulness-based approaches alongside psychological assessments and OKRs as tools to enhance the coaching experience.""I am a Ph D Psychologist, musician, and professional coach.

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