Dating affair mixed messages

Before you move into action (or fly off the handle), take a deep breath and consider your options. It’s best to stay focused on the actions—what was done and how it affected you. If you suspect someone has lied or manipulated, remember that you are entitled to the truth. Often, a person who will deceive you once will deceive you again. You might be tempted to try to “fix” the situation. When you realize the other person is not willing to shoot straight with you and won’t take responsibility, there’s little chance trust can be regained. If this means ending a dating relationship, so be it–there are too many good, honest people in the world to get yourself tangled up with someone who is dishonest with you.

Character is nothing more than matching your words with your actions (which match ). First it took disappointment Then, as it happens, disappointment turns to frustration. I cannot even explain how much your blog is helping me to get over an emotionally unavailable guy. I wish you so much love and happiness always xx I have two one-to-one coaching sessions with Natasha around 2 months ago.From time to time, this person’s focus drifts to the other people he or she is seeing – and that’s simply this person’s prerogative.Unless you’re looking for a relationship, you should accept that the focus won’t always be on you, at all times.What a wonderful world it would be if everyone made a collective commitment to be completely truthful and trustworthy with each other. But in the meantime, we must resign ourselves to the fact that there are people who choose to be deceitful and devious. Ignoring devious behavior will only perpetuate unhealthy patterns. Ask yourself how the dishonest behavior has affected you. So what should you do if you discover that someone—a coworker, a roommate, or especially a loved one—has been dishonest with you? Staying silent will not honor yourself and won’t do anything to help the disingenuous person.

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