Dating a mans best friend

You won't wash your hair even while showering together.

Having full conversations through the bathroom door is completely normal. There's almost nothing that's off limits.“I am having the worst cramps right now.

You don't have to dress up for him or feel like you have to always be “on.” He's happy to see you comfortable, in your natural state and just being yourself.

You two are so close that it doesn't matter who pays for what -- what's his is yours and what's yours is his.

Sometimes it feels like it's just you and your boyfriend existing in a shared bubble.

There are new psychological studies conducted seemingly every year devoted to picking apart the extremely pressing question of whether men and women can be friends, even though they never seem to come to any concrete answers.

We all have heated, tense moments when we're not thinking clearly and mentally spiraling down a mind-hole.

He cares enough not to let you get the best of yourself and he isn't afraid to intervene when your thoughts can't be trusted.

It's hard to stay mad over his being 15 minutes late when he arrives with flowers.

Whatever you're arguing over, it doesn't mean anything compared to how much you love each other.

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