Dating a man who lives with his parents

Is it so much to ask to want a guy who thinks having his own place is as important as I do? I like to be able to go grab a glass of water in my underwear and sing really loud when I’m in the shower.

Basically, I’m used to being the only one around, and that’s how I like it.

But once he unlocks the front door, he whispers to you…

“We have to be quiet, my parents might wake up.” Uh oh.

But you may start to wonder why he’s living with them, when he’s at the age where living independently is more common. What’s it like to date a guy who lives with his parents? You know why your boyfriend is living in his childhood bedroom. And why do you enjoy seeing your boy get pampered by his mom? We’re just hoping you have all your clothes on when they do.

For those of you who have never dated a guy who still lives with his parents, here’s all you need to know. Well, the money that he gets to save goes to your “gift” money. Well, you actually are one of the lucky ones, because not every girl gets to be introduced to the parents of their significant others.

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He’s attractive, and he has that carefree demeanor that you thought was only possible in romantic comedies.You’re hooking up with a guy who lives with mommy and daddy. He doesn’t have to buy groceries and cook his food.Now don’t get me wrong, living with your parents isn’t that big of a deal. Is he living the good life by freeloading off his parents? And most importantly, is it really that big of a deal? His mother will even wash his clothes and collect his dirty laundry. But we know it’s because mothers cannot resist their children. Getting introduced to the family means something serious is going on with the relationship. You already met his family, because there will always be that time when his parents will suddenly come home unexpectedly.Admittedly, my first thought upon hearing a 30-year-old lives with his parents is that he can’t afford to live anywhere else. Most people start thinking about getting their own place by their early 20s, give or take a couple years. It could be for any number of reasons, most of which come back to the fact that he doesn’t want to be an adult. Most parents expect their kids to move out on their own at some point, but if his parents have never mentioned it, don’t ask him to pay rent, and genuinely seem like they want him to stay, why would he ever leave?I don’t want to worry his parents might hear us having sex.

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