Dating a cocktail waitress in las vegas

First and foremost: locals’ impossibly high standards. Such desires aren’t unique to Las Vegans, but Peña said people seem to be more honest about it here, perhaps because of the perceived accessibility to good-looking people. After all, the Strip runs on hospitality, so it’s many workers’ job to make people feel important.Cocktail waitresses chat up middle-aged men sitting at slot machines, while VIP hosts in sharp suits sweet-talk women into clubs and lounges.“Unrealistic expectations are the most giant hurdle for single people” in Las Vegas, Peña said.“If I could put that in neon lights, that would be it.” Naturally, in a city flush with money, material expectations play a role, too.

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A relationship blossomed for Parsons but fizzled after a few years. She updates her profile with flattering pictures and has a list of go-to spots for when she meets someone.

“There are so many good people out there, they’re just not meeting,” said Mickie Choi, a dealer at the Cosmopolitan who organizes the “Single & Fabulous in Las Vegas” Meetup group.

Those difficulties led Lauren Peña and a friend to start their own matchmaking service.

She wanted to expand her dating pool beyond the people she met through friends and work.

Dating sites such as and Plenty Of Fish seemed like her best hope.

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