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Lawmakers will have new HP computers when they return to work in 2017, and last week, the legislature passed a new set of policies to go with the machines. "By adopting a policy against misusing state-owned technology for personal or campaign purposes," it wrote, "the board removed any doubt about where the Legislature stands on policing its own." The 2016 election has shown us a world where Donald Trump's tweets, Hillary Clinton's e-mails, and even (alleged) Russian hackers have all played key roles.

But tech is altering politics at level, and somewhere in the Ivory Coast, using a "Russian computer," lives a woman whose brief connection with a middle-aged man half a world away has roiled Nebraska state politics for months. I saw one Nebraska politician saying that the answer was simply for the legislature to stop buying people state-owned computers.

The best stories are often from people who are in long-distance relationships because there was something about that first meeting that convinced them that it was worth trying to make a long-distance relationship work. I met him when I went on a solo backpacking trip around Europe. I’d never been in a long-distance relationship before—never mind with someone who literally lived on the other side of the world!

I hope you’re not currently experiencing one of those days in your LDR, but if you are, I do have some tips for you.

He remains in office, and lawmakers are still debating various forms of censure or impeachment.

One positive has emerged from the whole mess, though—more awareness of "personal use" rules for state-owned technology.

It was most likely a totally ordinary day: They went to meet a friend at a party. It was a lot of trial and error, and there were some days where it felt way too difficult.

I was supposed to be in the Netherlands for one night, but then I met him, and one night turned into five. For a while, I tried to convince myself to just appreciate our time together as a holiday fling and move on. Then we had a Skype call (the patron saint of LDRs), and I knew that I wanted to be with him—even if it was going to be complicated.

And she wanted Kintner to masturbate with her on Skype. “Let's end this, before I get in trouble,” he wrote. At midnight, Kintner returned to Facebook and resumed his conversation with Diedeort. Kintner knew his life was about to get complicated.“We’re not the etiquette police,” the Commission's vice chairman told a local paper.As voters nationally go to the polls to pick the future direction of the country, Nebraska's legislature remains consumed with Kintner.But what most people forget is that communication is more about quality than it is quantity.Yeah, you could text your man with mundane updates from your day every single day, or you could have an intentional phone call every two days where you really invest in the conversation.

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    As the school counselor I’m expected to follow up with all the students for whom alerts were received. This direct line of communication should also convey to parents the reason the software generated concern and possible referral resources.

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