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Online dating is also a great tool in your quest to date a cougar.The benefit of online dating is that you get to sound out your cougar for a while first by swapping messages and maybe even photos.The rules are pretty much the same as dating younger chicks, but there are a lot of subtle differences that we'll try to help you with in this short but sweet web guide. So you're ready to date a cougar but where are you going to find her?

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is more than a cougar dating site: we offer lots of features that you find on leading social networks and community websites as well as the key benefits of an advanced singles dating website or personals matchmaking service.

You can really get an idea of what your cougar woman is looking for and make sure that if you do go on a date with her, you're likely to be on the same wavelength.

The drawback of course is that you don't know how realistic the photos of your cougar really are.

You want an older woman but you don't want a shrivelled up prune, right?

So there's a balance to be struck and when you date a cougar based on pictures alone you take a chance. Securing your date with a cougar When you're first talking to your cougar (either online or in the 'real world') it pays to remember that no two cougars are the same.

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