Continuously updating desktop background of the earth Freematurechat

I also can't find the option to set the image to be my wallpaper.Please fix these issues Thank you for taking the time to leave feedback.

Earth Desk for Mac converts your desktop into a beautiful, real-time image of the Earth from space, continuously updating in the background while you work.

Imagine gazing through the window of an orbiting spaceship.

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Very sorry for the inconvenience :(This is an amazing app, however I would like some updates for better ratings: allow me to tweak selected images to my liking, some images when the sunlight is just fading away don't look that awesome.

Also if you could find other view points from other satellites that would be awesome, perhaps users can download the app without downloading images, then only downloading images that user defined update interval demands, so someone who updates wallpaper every hour has to download less data than someone who updates every 10 minutes.

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