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Tally also makes recommendations on how much you should pay each month to get out of credit card debt faster.

In addition to helping you save on interest and allowing you to make one monthly payment for all of your cards, Tally offers the following benefits: Tally gets mostly positive reviews from its users as of April 2019.

A Tally line of credit works by fully paying down your credit card balances with a Tally Line of Credit with variable APRs that between .

If your credit limit is too low to cover all of your high-interest balances, its algorithm prioritizes which balances to pay down first.

The credit limit and rates you qualify for depend on your credit history. You can continue using and paying off your credit cards while Tally manages your monthly payments.

It’s also a revolving line of credit, so there’s no fixed term or set monthly repayments.

Or, you can sign up for You Pay and manually make payments through the app from your checking account.

You Pay users can disable this feature in the You Pay payment preferences for specific cards.Tally currently supports most cards from the following banks: Wait for Tally to run a soft credit check and review your card balances.If you’re eligible, it should tell you what rates and credit limit you qualify for.She spent five years living in Beirut, where she was a news editor for The Daily Star and hung out with a lot of cats. Tally is a debt management app that provides several services, all of which require qualifying for and accepting a line of credit that is used to help you manage your credit card debt.Its credit limits run from ,000 to ,000 with rates ranging from APR (varies with the Prime Rate).

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