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In such cases, the senior person in the relationship must recuse themselves and must notify their own supervisor.See also Section 7.2, Employment of Members of the Same Family.

See Section Examples of “indirect” supervisory authority or “other authority” are the ability to evaluate, to assign or recommend a role in research, to write a letter of recommendation, to determine authorship on papers, and to influence who goes to conferences or who has access to equipment or resources.If such a sexual or romantic relationship develops with a graduate student or other learner, the employee must withdraw from exercising any influence or authority over that individual.The employee must also notify their supervisor so that other supervisory or evaluative arrangements can be made for that student or other learner. Undergraduate and graduate students who serve as Teaching Assistants, graders, or laboratory assistants may face conflicts of interest if they have a sexual or romantic relationship with a student in their class or laboratory.Sexual and romantic relationships are prohibited where the faculty member or other academic instructional staff member has or might reasonably be expected to have “academic authority” (defined above) over that graduate student or other learner.(Such relationships with undergraduates are always prohibited.

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