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Similar Companies: UAS Europe Sweden Private We provide complete unmanned vehicle solutions based on field proven airframes together with sub-components such as the Sky View GCS software and the Easy Pilot autopilot for fixed wing aircraft's.

We have extensive experience and knowledge in the field of unmanned systems.

Knowledge Source – AUVSI will be the preferred robotics/unmanned systems knowledge source.

Our mission is to create a smaller building block for the logistics industry and enable on-demand solutions for shipping commercial and special cargo.

Especially, for environmental inspections and large events the unmanned airship can be deployed with zero emission, safe, quiet and friendly.

Governments and corporations can hire us on a variable cost basis – per day or per week – and the costs of unmanned airships are lower compared to manned helicopters.

Through commercially sound construction and flying of these unmanned airships, we can design and manufacture ever larger airships.

Alpha Unmanned Systems Spain Private Alpha Unmanned Systems is a privately owned Spanish company based in Madrid, dedicated to the design, development and production of small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (s UAV).

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