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While these topics will interest pupils who have made some progress in the language, the Grammar may be also used with advantage in the hands of a skilful teacher for the instruction of junior pupils. King Hewison for the loan of the pastoral visitation roll (MS.) of the Rev. Mac Lea, minister of Rothesay, 1760-1824, containing all the names and surnames in the parish. d O, f O, nar, o, bho, roimh, troimh, glè, ro 31 cha aspirates all initials except dentals and S 31 ; d O-, ro-, as preverbs ; aspiration of verbs by analogy 32 ; rel. f ; bu asperates all cons, except dentals, and S ... 35 Depalatalisation, through weak pronunciation of slender vowels and palatalised consonants, especially r ; ex- ceptions to caol ri caol 36 Prothetic f, process still continuing ; f lost ... The noun forms, the adjectives, the numerals, the pro- nouns, the prepositions, the prepositional pronouns, and the verb forms may be learnt by the youngest pupil, with this added advantage, that he may at the same time read and assimilate the examples which may be found suited to his state of advancement. Finally, the Editor has much pleasure in acknowledging his obligations to Principal Sir Donald Mac AHster for the great interest he has taken in the work from first to last, and for many helpful suggestions. 12 ; shifting of the stress 1 2 ; first elements of ipf . cpds not stressed Assimilation of consonants Dissimilation, of joined and separated consonants, dissimila tion in phrases Reduplication, of pronoun sinne ; of preposition an, do, CO ; of adj. u^ GAELIC GRAMMAR CONTAINING THE PARTS OF SPEECH AND THE GENERAL PRINCIPLES OF PHONOLOGY AND ETYMOLOGY WITH A CHAPTER ON PROPER AND PLACE NAMES BY GEORGE CALDER. Attracted by Celtic philology, and following in the footsteps of Zeuss, international scholars have since his time, in increasing numbers, studied Old Irish ; and the mass of material being manageable, they have produced many admirable grammatical works, which, though differing widely in aim and importance, throw much light upon modern Gaelic. In dealing with fading usages, however, like" dual da, fviller illustrations are de- sirable ; and in intricate combinations like article with noun, preposition with pronoun, and the verbal system, exhaustive treatment is the only satisfactory course. In the case of f instances occur where f is changed by the nasal into v (bh), e.g. debt (Mc A.) from ainfhiach §150, 4 ; gu bhfeil, gu bheil e—that it is : O. fil, feil ; a n-fos, a bhfos, a bhos — on this side a n-fàn, a bhfàn, a bhàn — down §14 A mute suffers eclipsis when its radical sound is suppressed by a preceding nasal. § 150, 5a Dh' aontaich mi gu'm pòsainn i — / agreed that I would marry her : — Arab. 28 Mur a pòs mi fo Challuinn — Unless I marry before Christmas — Clarsach 142 Gu'n toir iad glòir do bhur n-athair — That they may glorify your Father: — Math. 16 Co d'an toir iad cis — To whom they shall pay tribute : — La Bhr.

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O'n ghabh (do ghabh) an t-aibhisteir greim dhith — Since the adversary got a hold of her : — S. The rules of Grammar rest on use and wont, and on induction from observed facts ; and the examples are illustrative, not exhaustive. the pebble, hectic (stone), hence deideag ; an d-ala — the other, hence an dara — the second; an d-ala n-ai — the other of them, hence an darna — the second. Enoch § 112, 9 Retraction occurs seldom with common nouns § 13, § 17 but there are examples : an eanntag f. Paper made, printed and hound in Scotland DO M' OILEANAICH A THA, 'S A BHA, 'S A BHIOS & INTRODUCTION. RAMMAR," says Professor Bain, "is a science — or nothing." Grammar, one may add, is the description of a language, as Geography is the description of a country. The converse process is retraction § 13 when initial -c-, -t- of the proper name is retracted and assimilated to the -c-, -t- of mac, sanct : Mac Cathal Mac All § 111 Mac Constantin Mac Auslan § 110 Sanct Tanoch St. an is permanently transported and nasa Uses — a nis ; O. motha ; of words and phrases Metathesis Projection of consonants : -t- of art., -s- of preposition anns -C- of mac. Retraction Nasalisation, before vowels ; in petrified phrases ; before con sonants, liquids, and -S-, 20 ; before -f- ... 1 1 2 4 7 9 9 13 14 24 PAGE Aspiration defined, the sign is h 26 Exempt from asp.

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