Clay aiken dating reed kelly

Of course, there's still hope- maybe Ruben will oblige. At least the Claymates have ceased to have him shipped with every woman within a 10 foot radius." Paulus does seem like an idiot,not very bright, must be hard for him tho to see clay so happy with a real bf.Reed is the son of a man named Randy Kelly, who was mayor of St. Randy Kelly is a Democrat but in 2004, he endorsed George W. Someone he goes home and fucks whenever he wants to.He's also obviously obsessed with Clay, or with the notoriety he achieved through his connection to him, as he blogged for years about his meeting with Clay.His connection to Clay got him into porn (disasterously, as anyone who saw it will tell you - nice ass, limp dick throughout, looked like he was passing a kidney stone while he sucked cock), and even now he's interviewed for E!

Two years from now he'll be looking for work on a Carnival cruise ship and known all over the industry as Clay's sloppy seconds. Some Claymates left after Clay came out - either because they were homophobic or because they felt Clay was lying to them. Also wonder about the dynamic with Clay, Reed, Jaymes & the baby? "Clay met him when he was doing Spamalot in early 2008, and that's one of the reasons he came back to the show again."They even appeared together at Rosie O'Donnell's Building Dreams for Kids gala last month.

's True Hollywood Story on Clay and is saying he's going to be on a reality show next year. If he wants to keep his tenuous hold on "fame" he has to convince people he has the inside track to Clay, even if he doesn't. I agree that he used to look quite presentable during AI but now he needs to lose weight and get in shape and stop with that terrible make-up. He's quite experienced and loves to take charge- he's rather kinky. You trying getting an erection while having 9.5"x7" shoved into you with a whole room watching.

I'm willing to bet that none of you have ever met Clay. As far as my porn is concerned, I didn't need Clay to do porn- anyone can do a porn. My "bf" will tell you I have NO problem in that area.

I met Reed once years ago and heard he had some super serious partner thing going on.

If I had known that all I needed was some D-list fame and no real money to break that up, I might have been able to make that happen! Her ex-tricks from Man Hunt have all described how Gayken a dom top.

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