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He was featured on other artists' songs, including on every hit single on Dre’s "The Chronic." Snoop made history by taking his own album to the top the charts and securing the number one spot at the time.

The funny, creative style of Snoop is what puts him in the spotlight (see "Tha Shiznit" and "Lodi Doti"), and yet, at the same time, he can go into a depth that will make you think for days (see "Murder Was The Case").

RZA let the lyrics be the forefront; the melody of the beats takes a back seat, creating an eerie feeling upon listening to the album.

It was this album that gave rise to the underground sound and put the killer bees on center stage.

With a bizarre sense of humor, Eminem continued to do what he does best: showcase his emotions through his lyrics.

Biggie put Bad Boy and the whole East Coast on the map with his first album, which has some of the most inspirational songs of all time on it.

Upon entering 2016, we have been exposed to new hip hop artists on the rise.

At a time when hip-hop was at its pinnacle in '94, Biggie added his own flare to the game and paved the way for future greats. With other creative tracks, such as "Watermelon" and "Book of Life," Common adds his intelligence and smooth voice to the jazz scene of the Chicago streets.

Taking on a cinematic performance, this album's skits are a glimpse into the mind of Raekwon and producer RZA.

Raekwon puts his thoughts and actions into the spotlight by popularizing the theory of the mobster lifestyle.

Released in the winter of 1992, "The Chronic" was Dre’s first solo album after splitting from NWA.

With three top singles -- “F*** Wit Dre Day,” “Nuthin' But a 'G' Thang” and “Let Me Ride” -- it is a classic West Coast album that is still played on the daily.

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