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In person, however, he was—for lack of a better description—charming and disarming.

A German present at the debate described Luther this way: His voice is clear and melodious.

He was a puzzling, determined man of extraordinary conviction, determination, and boldness.If you object, as I do, to the idea that the Church in which so many martyrs gave their blood is the Roman Catholic Church, take heart. The Church prior to and at the Council of Nicea was not Roman Catholic. A decretal is nothing more than an official decision of the pope issued in written form.By medieval times, when all of western Christendom (which was only Europe), was indeed Roman Catholic, they were spilling the blood of martyrs, not giving it. These letters were forgeries put together by someone calling himself Isidore Mercator around 842 in Metz.Few people in history have produced as many interesting stories—positive and negative—as Martin Luther.Martin Luther came to the forefront of history by nailing 95 theses to the cathedral door at Wittenberg.

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