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As children get older, Muslim men often feel an urgent need to instill religion in them, especially if the wife is a non-Muslim.There are other factors to consider before agreeing to marry a Muslim man, and we will discuss them in another entry.Add a child to the equation, and most men make a complete return to their roots. [/h] Speaking of children, you should know going in that any children you have will be raised as Muslims. Many Muslim man start out with accepting Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny, but become more strict as the children get older.It is not unusual for a father who once played Santa to suddenly feel guilty and not allow Christmas celebrations at all.

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Please understand that I am not trying to dissuade you– many Muslim men make wonderful husbands and fathers.In short, mid-life crises come early and hit harder for non-practicing Muslim men.I have seen this play out so many times in my own family and community that it no longer surprises me.You should also realize that “being in love” is not considered a prerequisite to marriage in Islam. [/h] Another thing to consider is your own feelings about Islam.That is not to say that your Muslim friend doesn’t care about you or even love you, but it isn’t necessary. Please do not make the mistake of assuming that religion is a minor detail– Islam is never minor.

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