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Just as has been Church policy regarding polygamist families, children of parents in a same-sex relationship will need to assent to the doctrines and practices of the Church with regard to same-sex marriage before entering Church membership or missionary service, he said.

They are “not disavowing their parents, but disavowing the practice,” he emphasized.

At the convent high school where they met, Bobbi was a cigarette-smoking contrarian with a pierced nose who freaked out her square classmates and pissed off her teachers.

(Her coup de grâce was scrawling “fuck the patriarchy” next to a wall-mounted crucifix.) Frances remembers how, when she was seventeen, Bobbi approached her at a school dance, “radiantly attractive” as she swigged vodka from a bottle of Coke, to ask if Frances liked girls: “It was very easy to act unfazed around her.

Observations, theories, and quips about the world fly between the friends like so many shuttlecocks in a conversation that never ends, because conversations, in our world of screens, don’t have to.

They just change format, so that a discussion begun in person continues through texts or e-mails or, as in the following dialogue, instant messages: Bobbi: if you look at love as something other than an interpersonal phenomenon Bobbi: and try to understand it as a social value system Bobbi: it’s both antithetical to capitalism, in that it challenges the axiom of selfishness Bobbi: which dictates the whole logic of inequality Bobbi: and yet also it’s subservient and facilitatory Bobbi: i.e.

1 debater on the Continent, but she wrote about her feats the way a recovering alcoholic might look back on a time of sotted carousing, at once proud of her exploits and appalled by the person she had been while having them.

“We think it’s possible and mandatory, incumbent upon us as disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ, to yield no ground in the matter of love and sympathy and help and brotherhood and serving in doing all we can for anybody; at the same time maintaining the standards He maintained. “Nothing is lost to them in the end if that’s the direction they want to go.

In the meantime, they’re not placed in a position where there will be difficulties, challenges, conflicts that can injure their development in very tender years.” Elder Christofferson said the Church policy is analogous to policy for children born to polygamist families.

What Rooney loved about debating was entering a state of “flow,” that magical mental hum when disparate facts and ideas effortlessly assembled themselves in her mind and poured from her mouth as argument.

Yet she was also disturbed by her talent for advocating morally dubious positions, like capitalism’s benefits for the poor, or “things oppressed people should do about their oppression.” She quit after winning the championship.

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