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We hopped on the phone, grabbed a glass of wine, synched our Netflix accounts and had the best time laughing together.

He’s the Blair and Erin to my Jenny, and watching with him made the film all the more special.

It’s about realizing that you can love someone and something but that you still need to move on, and how that’s not a bad thing.

When the trailer was released, one of my best friends from back home made our date to watch it long-distance together.We’ve never pooped together over Face Time, but that’s probably only because he has an Android.I hope members of #romancelandia and the general bitchery give it a chance, I think you’ll be as charmed by it as I was.At one point Blair says she can’t take off work because she has a hashtag rollout.Erin has to ask: is this a rollout of a hashtag, or is it a #rollout.

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