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600 women in the same room in the same place, suddenly all together instead of all spread apart, suddenly waiting in line to even fit inside of a space, suddenly in a formidable group, suddenly so big and invincible – that’s power.” I foresee the new Phase starting a positive feedback cycle of girl-on-girl events attended by girls who want more events, who get more events, until all of a sudden it’s like a giant glitterbomb went off over Dupont Circle and we’re all happier than kittens in a field of flowers. Or, as a friend said over Gchat: friend: God there is a total lack of lezzie bars in this city me: yes there are friend: and even the new phase is going to have boys nights It’s boys night every night in dc NOT FAIR!!stomps feet However, I’ll say that the boy bars recognize that girls lack their own ladies nights and have made changes to make us more welcome — there are now girl bartenders at some of the Gayborhood bars, and most of the time (though not all the time), lesbians feel totally welcome at the boy bars.But, unlike New Year’s Eve, the ladies’ nights in DC are NEVER a letdown and you should really go. The Ladies of LURe Present Ladies’ Night at Cobalt On the third Saturday of every month, the ladies of LURe host a girls’ night called BARE at Cobalt.It’s packed with cute girls (they had girls there for their third anniversary).The Nellie’s crew sponsors various teams in the DC leagues (kickball, women’s rugby, crew, running, baseball, skiing, basketball, and so many others).

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It’s worth taking a look at their Ponies Choice Awards coverage of the “best of” for gays in the city.

The second and third floors are made up of a nice bar (30°) and dance floor (third floor).

Though Cobalt is mostly for boys, you can usually find a bunch of girls there too.

5.5 Pretty Girl Swag DC This is the answer to “where are the girls at?

” Pretty Girl Swag DC is basically a calendar of all the girl-on-girl events happening in the DC / MD / VA region every single day of every single week of every single – you get the drift.

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