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A few career highlights include; lunch with Kim Cattrall, interviewing Naomi Watts and swapping make-up tips with Margot Robbie on the red carpet.

You can find her words on In Style, marie claire and Women's Health.

I cut off off a lot of friendship and I cut off a lot of opportunities all for this guy that treated me like shit. In one incident, Audrina said, “[Corey] started punching and hitting himself on the head. I was very frightened and started screaming and covered Kirra’s eyes and ears, but she started crying and screaming.” Other incidents included Corey threatening Audrina and swearing in front of their daughter.

"Keep her out of your attempts to stay relevant ya f--k." Turning his sights on Audrina, he added, "How shameful the mother of my child would not put an end to this immediately. Get a whole lab in there for a dramatic reveal." He also went off on Bohan, claiming he "went off the deep end on social media when he saw [Audrina] was filming. so that should tell you everything you need to know." "From what I read on TMZ, he's the world's worst ex," the post continued. That doesn't mean I'm not going to light her up all season though." Patridge filed for divorce 10 months after the couple got married in 2016.

#attentionseekingf--ks #pissofyawankers." A rep for Patridge had no comment. He kept tagging me in pictures saying 'Audrina is disgusting to be hanging out with Heidi and Spencer.'" "It's funny that he loved filming when he was on the show, but now that no one wants him around, it's suddenly 'an embarrassment? She also filed for a restraining order against Corey, claiming he harassed and shoved her while holding Kirra. A.'s office chose not to prosecute him for domestic battery and the two later reached a settlement.

world behind for a bit, went and stayed in huts on the beach, lived in treehouses.

Went to Nicaragua for four days and I stayed for about three years," he said.

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