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They can be so sure that they know everything and see everything and envision everything that has ever been and ever will be. If you’re an Aquarius man trying to attract an Aquarius woman, of course you will know to give her lots of space.

Aquarians have the reputation of being very friendly but they really don’t like people at all, so she is likely to be alone when you encounter her.

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Others might consider them cold, aloof, arrogant and absent-minded, but to each other, they are Two Master Minds creating Universes together.Aquarians are the one sign constantly at odds with the human body.They tend to think of themselves as energy circuits, or units of energy, programmable through the mind at a safe distance.One wonders who’s doing the dishes and paying the bills, but eventually they get around to it.They would secretly be better off with step-children or adopted children so if it’s heading in that direction, embrace it.

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