Amber stevens andrew west dating

Andrew Stevens an American actor, writer, and director.He has appeared in several famous movies like The Fury, Crash Drive, 7 seconds.Being the son of actress Stress Stevens, his first appearance was in the movie “The Courtship of Eddie’s Father” at an early age.He became famous in the entertainment industry in a very short period.However, when it comes time to inform Jerrod's parents, he finds every reason in the world not to tell them.The project is inspired by Carmichael's stand-up and his relationships with his girlfriend and family.

Stevens was also an owner and president of Royal Oaks Entertainment, which produced and distributed seventy pictures over a three-year duration including many HBO, Showtime and Science Fiction channel world premiers. Andrew then got in relation with the beautiful actress Kate Jackson in 1977, after a year of dating they married on 23rd August 1978, but they divorced on 4th January 1980.

He was the president of Franchise Picture, and also the owner and president of Royal Oaks Entertainment.

Currently, he runs his company, Andrew Stevens Entertainments, and Stevens Entertainments Group.

As a writer as well, he has shown his potentialities in this field.

One can follow him through the social networking sites.

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