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When controls on a form are used as criteria in a query, Null values usually break the mechansim.

This is the reason for the vast majority or requests to add “all” as an option.

This syntax really returns all records when a control is Null, even when a field is itself Null, and doesn't mess up the query grid.

This trick is not nearly as useful for queries written and maintained completely in SQL view, naturally.

Many apparently good solutions will totally mess up the query grid when the query is next opened.

The demo file contains one query that looks perfectly reasonable in SQL view, but gets totally mangled by the query design grid.

Luckily, with a few easy-to-follow instructions, it's not hard to navigate i Tunes and sync your device for quick, easy file transfers.

This is such a frequent request that literally hundreds of pages can be found describing one technique or another to achieve the desired result.

I don't agree with this, and rather like empty controls when I have no particular need for them, but that's not the point.One could use conditional formatting to change the background colour, but that doesn't replace an explicit message in the control.In any case, Null is a valid value unless it's prohibited by a validation rule or automatically changed through a Visual Basic event handler, typically `after update´.The query looks perhaps like this: I added a second column for a similar criteria using Like.It is believed that “like '*'” returns all records, and the requested “all” option is often used to write an asterisk.

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