Adventures in dating mandy

After I got divorced I had decided to skip dating and go right to relationships; which seemed at the time to be a good plan.

Hosted by Focus on the Family Clubhouse editor Jesse Florea and Christian comedian Bob Smiley, this new podcast is not only great entertainment but also faith-building fun for the whole family.

They have a guilt ridden psyche, “you’re not getting any younger,” “good soul mates are hard to find,” “the competition is not in your favor,” etc., etc., etc.; well-meaning comments from well-meaning friends. I was rewarded for my ideals and steadfastness by meeting Karen; and, sadly, chastised for Mandy.

(Adventures in Dating: Dave Starting Over is a work of fiction adapted from Through a Strangers Eyes, copyright 2005, by Steven S.

“Call her Dave, I’m sure this is her work number,” pointing to the number printed on the ticket, “she’s a doll, a real doll.” “Thanks, but I’ll pass.” Donna and I discussed dating over coffee and cheesecake one afternoon. Why is it you constantly find fault with my liking NASCAR; it’s an American recreation! You’re prone to elope with the first woman who likes NASCAR…if you can find one.” “A lot of women like NASCAR!

We, or more correctly, Donna worked out the ground rules, “No blind dates; period. I didn’t think they can date.” “Dave, this is why I ruled out sisters. ” “Trust me on this one, if she likes NASCAR, Chevy Silverados, or eating mint chocolate chip ice cream straight out of a half-gallon container it’s a nonstarter.

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