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When I found you's the price was competitive and storage was good. I just wish it was a drive up unit, but the elevator and use of carts did help.

From the time I called to inquire about a space to visiting for the first time and being shown around (with every question I had was answered) to the person who let me into my space on move-in day...everyone was exceptionally friendly and knowledgeable. Tammy, the manager at the Barrie Morrow Rd facility, is amazing! The facility is well maintained, in a great location and reasonably priced. Storage Mart is a well maintained place to leave all your extra that you have no place for.

But all in all good place would use over and over again.

Over all I would rate 9 out of 10 as there is always room for improvement.

Very helpful personnel with a lot of knowledge and patience. We checked out 5 local storage facilities in the Barrie area by phone and by personal visit.

The building and the storage units are clean and it is easy to move the stuff from the ramp to the storage area on dollies and eventually with a help of an elevator. A lot of security cameras which makes the place safer. What we needed was: - climate controlled - convenient access 24/7 - clean - well lit - safe and secure - affordable - available almost immediately My wife and I found that Storage Mart met all of these needs, plus the ladies who manage the office are professional but friendly and helpful.

She explained the elevator to us and why it had to stay on " Service " mode rather then just saying leave it there.

This made us more informed rather then in the dark.

All we had to do was find some pallets to place our belongings on (although the floor surfaces are clean and dry and there should not be a problem without skids).

My life transitioned to a place where I needed storage and fast, without having to worry about my items becoming too hot or cold and not knowing his long I would need to store it. He patiently and clearly explained all of my options, took me to see the different size units and asked me great questions to help me clarify what I needed.

Storagemart took my reservation over the phone and had all my paperwork ready when I came in to sign, I had less to stress about and storage to meet my needs. When I went back to rent the unit, the ladies in the office were helpful and efficient! We've never had to rent a storage unit before and wasn't sure how to go about it or what we'd need (space-wise). Chamberlan was amazing - she helped us thru the process, managed to get us a bigger unit then we had reserved, even stayed late to help us out.

It was a emotional time for me having to put all my belongings in to storage.

However I can honestly say that the staff and order of everything put my mind at ease.

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