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Employment, unemployment and economic inactivity Dataset A02 SA | Released 11 June 2019 Estimates of UK employment, unemployment and inactivity for people aged 16 years and over and people aged from 16 to 64 years based on the Labour Force Survey.Average weekly earnings Dataset EARN01 | Released 11 June 2019 Estimates of Great Britain earnings growth based on the Monthly Wages and Salaries Survey.This is due to a gradual fall in the economic inactivity rate for women.For people aged from 16 to 64 years, for February to April 2019, the estimated economic inactivity rate: The earnings estimates are not just a measure of pay rises as they also reflect changes in the number of paid hours worked and changes in the structure of the workforce; for example, more high-paid jobs would have an upward effect on earnings growth rates.

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